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Why Build like This instead of a Square Box?
  • These Tiny House Designs are exness pre-engineered to be Very Strong!
  • Can be assembled by unskilled Labour!
  • All Parts are Bolted & Screwed together!
  • You can change the Floor-Plans any time,
  • Because the Shell is self supporting!
  • Shipped in a very Compact Flat Package!
  • About 3cbm and weighs exness reviews only about 1.4 ton!
Tiny House Interior of Tiny HouseHome
Interior of Tiny House,Home Tiny House Floor Plan

  • A Kwickset Konstruction Kit Tiny House contains all the Components
  • Nuts, Bolts & Screws you need for the construction.
  • Base and Header Plates are trenched to receive the Studs and Rafters.
  • The Rafters are birds-mouthed to fit into the Plates' Trenches.
  • The Tiny House Side Walls are Pre-assembled serving as an Assembly Aid.
  • All Structural Components are cut exness .com to size and pre-drilled.
  • You don't have to measure, cut or drill anything.
  • Just follow the Pictures in the Assembly Manual.
  • Plans for your Building Application and a Complete Tool Kit are included.
All you need is a Ladder!

Small House Bungalow

36sqm Bungalow almost finished
The Kit TheT
 for this Tiny Home was moved in a Hi-Ace Van

Small House Plan-A
Suggested Floor Plan A
Small House Floor Plan-B

Suggested Floor Plan B

Small House Floor Plan-C
Suggested Floor Plan C

Small House Shell
Length 6.3m, Width 5.9m, Height 3.4m,
Foot Print 36sqm, Entrance W 2.79m.
Entrance Position, Width and Length can be varied.
Base Plates are always made from Treated Pine
Weight about 1,400kg, Packaged Volume about 3cbm.

AU$8,950.- Ex Factory + applicable Taxes
Shed Garage Workshop Plan
Shed/Garage/Workshop Plan 36sqm
Small House and Veranda

Pre-fabricated Veranda Module as an Optional Extra
Length 2.3m, Width 5.9m, Height 3.4m, Roof 16mē
Bolts, Screws, Plans,Instructions, 320kg

AU$1,850.- ex Factory + applicable Taxes
Small House Modular Construction

Add another Module
Double your Floor Space
to 72sqm

No Building Permit required! Subject to conditons as per attachment!

Click on Picture for larger display
DIY Geodesic Green House,Winter Garden
Geodesic Green House/Winter Garden Kit, Footprint 18.5sqm, Height 3m, Diameter 4.8m,
Treated Timber Framing, 2mm Polycarbonate Glazing
, Thermostat controlled Venting.
AU$7,500 ex Factory + applicable Taxes
February 2017

Bigger Small House 58sqm
Tiny House/Large Garage/Weekender. Length 8.2m, Width 7.04m, Area = 58sqm, Height 3.73m
Entrance H 2.76m, W 2.64m Entrance Positions can be varied. Total Length can be varied.
Base Plates are always made from Treated Pine

All Screws, Drawings & Instructions included. Weight about 2,000kg. Packaged Volume about 4cbm.

AU$13,890.- ex Factory + applicable Taxes

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Updated February 2017