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Why Build like This instead of a Square Box?
  • These Shed Designs are pre-engineered to be very Strong!
  • Can be assembled by unskilled Labour!
  • All Parts are Bolted & Screwed together!
  • You can change the Floor-Plans any time,
  • The Shell is self supporting!
  • Shipped in a very Compact Package!
  • About 3cbm and weighs only about 1.4 ton!
Small Bungalow Bungalow Interior
Small House Interior Small House Plan

  • A Kwickset Konstruction Kit Shed contains all the Bolts, Nuts and Screws
  • you need for the construction.
  • Base and Header Plates are trenched to receive the Studs and Rafters.
  • The Rafters are birds-mouthed to fit into the Plates' Trenches.
  • The Bungalow Side Walls are Pre-assembled serving as an Assembly Aid.
  • All Structural Components are cut to size and pre-drilled.
  • You don't have to measure, cut or drill anything.
  • Just follow the Pictures in the Assembly Manual.
  • Plans for your Building Application and a Complete Tool Kit are included.
All you need is a Ladder!

Small House Bungalow

36sqm Bungalow almost finished

The Kit for this Home was moved in a Hi-Ace Van

Small House Plan-A
Suggested Floor Plan A
Small House Plan-B

Suggested Floor Plan B

Suggested Floor Plan C
Suggested Floor Plan C

Small House Shell
Length 6.3m, Width 5.9m, Height 3.4m,
Foot Print 36sqm, Entrance W 2.79m.
Entrance Position, Width and Length can be varied.
Base Plates are always made from Treated Pine
Weight about 1,400kg, Packaged Volume about 3cbm.

AU$7,950.- Ex Factory + applicable Taxes
Workshop Plan
Garage/Workshop Plan 36sqm
Small House and Veranda

Pre-fabricated Veranda Module as an Optional Extra
Length 2.3m, Width 5.9m, Height 3.4m, Roof 16mē
Bolts, Screws, Plans,Instructions, 320kg

AU$1,850.- ex Factory + applicable Taxes
Small House Module

Add another Module
Double your Floor Space
to 72sqm

Yurt 45sqm
Yurt/Ger Kit, Footprint 45sqm, Height 4.3m, Diameter 7.8m (10 Sides), Weight 2.5ton,
Packaged Volume 6cbm
AU$13,680 ex Factory + applicable Taxes
Bigger Small House
Garage/Bungalow/Granny Flat/Weekender. Length 8.2m, Width 7.04m, Area = 58sqm, Height 3.73m
Entrance H 2.76m, W 2.64m Entrance Positions can be varied. Total Length can be varied.
Base Plates are always made from Treated Pine

All Screws, Drawings & Instructions included. Weight about 2,000kg. Packaged Volume about 4cbm.

AU$11,890.- ex Factory + applicable Taxes

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